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Tarot Preeti P
Tarot Preeti P
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Astro Aditya N
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Shalini Sheel
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Usha Siingh

Why is Gurucool different ?

Decades of Vedic Astrology Expertise Integrated with Modern Technology

Gurucool combines years of traditional Vedic astrology with the latest technology, providing you with reliable astrological insights on a user-friendly platform, accessible anywhere.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with our consultation, we offer a full refund, making your experience risk-free.

Diverse Expertise

Our platform features some of the top astrologers from India, each skilled in different astrological fields, ensuring you receive well-rounded and accurate guidance.

No Hidden Fees

With Gurucool, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs or surprise charges, ensuring transparency and trust from the start.

Complimentary First Consultation

Every new user enjoys their first consultation for free, including access to our chat and call services. It's our way of welcoming you to the Gurucool family.

Exclusive Interactive Video Reports

Only at Gurucool, our video report feature offers personalized astrological insights in an engaging video format, unavailable elsewhere. This is one of many unique offerings we provide to enhance your experience with us.

How to get your Astrologer Report?



Choose the Astrologer you want the Personalized Video Message from



Choose the type of Astro Video Message you want to request



Pay the amount of the respective astrologer for video report



Get your order confirmation, the video will be delivered ASAP!

Delivering Personalised Videos From Astrologers To 1 Lakh+ Users!

People have shown high trust in us, which can be seen in their testimonials which they have shared.

Akshat Sharma, 24

Kota, Rajasthan

" I found out about Gurucool from instagram, in the beginning I was not sure if this app could help me or not, but I connected with Dr Balkrishna Ji. I was struggling with my career and the astrologer helped me out. Now I am in a very good position in a fintech start-up. I can say that it is worth trying. "

Anshika Jain, 23

Jaipur, Rajasthan

" When I heard about Gurucool, I was a struggling student, I was also working in customer support to manage my expenses. Then, I connected with Usha Siingh ma'am. Usha Ji guided me throughout my studies and job and in the end I completed my graduation this year and now I am in a very good organisation. All of the credits go to GuruCool and Usha Singh Ji. "

Atul Verma, 30

Delhi, India

" I am a businessman. When I started taking consultations on Gurucool, my business was not going well. Then, I had a few consultations with some of the astrologers on this platform and I must say, all of them guided me so well that last month my business recorded the highest revenue of all time so far. All thanks to Gurucool. "

Manisha Patel, 32

Mumbai, Maharashtra

" Marriage is one of the most significant decisions in the life. My married life was not going well initially. One day I was scrolling facebook and I saw a live session of Manorama ma'am, I instantly downloaded the app. She first took time and got to know about my problem. Then she asked me to do some things in my day to day life and within 3 to 4 months me and my partner were back again like old times. "


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Gurucool's expert astrologers considered the best in India, are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable online astrology predictions. With a deep understanding of planetary configurations and constellations, our astrologers analyze the impact of celestial bodies on various aspects of human life.

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